Innovative Brand Design

Madison Avenue know-how and capabilities coupled with small town pricing and service is what's behind the name. At JacksonSpencer, you'll find a marketing partner you can finally trust to manage your entire marketing efforts or a single facet of your marketing plan.

Here's just some of what we do..
- Logos, brochures, marketing kits and trade show promotions
- Web design and strategic web planning
- Entrepreneurial launch packages
- Effective creative print, TV and radio ad campaign executions
- Packaging and C-level dimensional marketing
- Project, photo and media management

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OK, so the ad industry has done an effective job of making any superlative meaningless, but read on about JacksonSpencer (or ask for a free 30-minute consultation) and you, too, may become a believer in our brand of smarter marketing.

Example: Rytec Corporation
Smarter marketing? Rytec was running into trouble with a marketplace that had become commoditized. The solution was to redefine the industry's reliance on price into the concern for safety. With this as the point of differentiation, Rytec created an authoritative guide that informed consumers to the many differences in competitive product - regaining Rytec's position as the industry authority and market leader.